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The lives of Christians in northern Burkina Faso have been violently disrupted by terrorists.

Most have had to seek refuge outside their homes of origin 


Our persecuted brothers and sisters in Burkina Faso need us!

Let’s give them a lasting Christmas gift:

The Christmas Gift of a Better Future

Each of the New Catechists’ Families – who don’t receive any salary – will Receive:

  • Ten chickens and a chicken coop ($300; $15 per chicken + $150 for the coop)
  • A plow  – $75
  • A donkey ($150) and a cart ($300) to transport  produce, firewood, drinking water and building materials
  • A bicycle ($120) for the catechist to travel to the villages where he works
  • A grant of $190 for the catechist’s wife to start making woven goods, soap, or to sell religious objects

Despite acts of violence inflicted on them, Christian communities do not view this persecution as stemming from Islam, but rather from terrorist attacks by criminals.

The circumstances including a severe food shortage and massive numbers of residents forced into becoming refugees are shared by Christians and non-Christians alike, as is the acute insecurity caused by augmenting violence.

Father Victor Ouedraogo states: 

“People are not afraid of Muslims because they are Muslims; they are afraid of terrorists. We hear daily in conversations these types of statements from Muslims and Christians alike: ‘These people are not believers. A believer is not a killer. They are just criminals.’ There has certainly been the risk of assimilating the terrorist with the Muslim, but the Burkinabè have understood the trap and seem to have avoided it.”

Total population: 20,903,345

Territory: 272,967 km2

Religion: Muslim 55.6% Christian 23.7%, Traditional 20.1%

Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs): 1,368,164


Refugees registered outside the country: 15,768 refugees, 5,094 asylum seekers, and 3,803 persons of concern