For almost three decades, war and a health crisis have ravaged the lives of the people in the Democratic Republic of Congo, particularly in the province of North Kivu.


Will you choose to 

support these families

 This Christmas?

Our persecuted brothers and sisters in the Democratic Republic of Congo need us!

Lets give them a lasting Christmas gift: 

Our Lady of Hope parish in Turunga has identified 1,191 families representing 8,337 individuals.

The contact person for the parish will be the mother of each family, as she is deemed the person who struggles to organize meals and care of the family.

Each affected household will receive

  • 12.5 kg of rice;
  • 5 kg of dry beans;
  • 2 plastic sheets for bedding;
  • 1 empty 20 liter can for drinking water;
  • a saucepan, plates, and cups.

Total estimated budget: $70,500

With $60, you can support one displaced family with food and small household items.

The multiple wars that have been waged in the DRC and in neighbouring countries have had devastating political, economic, social, and cultural consequences.

Over a little more than 20 years, some 5 million are said to have died in this region due to the conflicts. 

In recent years, the civil war, the violence and insecurity caused by armed groups, have consequently forced many individuals and families to leave their homes and seek refuge elsewhere. 

Thus also forcing a dramatic increase in the population of the cities of Goma and Turunga as the IDPs move to their outskirts where the people are left destitute, lacking even the most basic necessities of life.

Total population: 89,505,201

Territory: 2,344,858 km2

Religion: 95% Christian, 2.5% Traditional and 1.4% Muslim

Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs): 5.26 million

Refugees registered in the country: 519,188 in addition to 16,065 asylum seekers, mainly from the Central African Republic, Rwanda, South Sudan, and Burundi

Refugees registered outside the country: 962,142