Jihadist violence in Cabo Delgado, Mozambique, has led to the mass exodus of both Christians and non-Christians from their homes of origin. 

Most have become IDPs (Internally Displaced People).


Will you choose to give the gift of support to a Religious Sister this Christmas? 

Our brothers and sisters in Mozambique need us!

Let’s give them a lasting Christmas gift:

The Hope of Christmas for Those in a State of Hopelessness

The northeast of Mozambique is plunged into deep fear. As soon as people hear a gunshot in the distance, they flee in panic. More than 950 jihadist attacks, as well as the armed conflict between rebels and government forces, have killed thousands since 2017, devastated entire regions, and caused 750,000 people to flee.

Some of the 73 Sisters in the diocese of Pemba have also lost everything and are traumatized. Yet, they find the strength to be lifelines for those who are suffering all around them. In the midst of fear and despair, they are beacons of hope and faith. But charity must also be concrete when there is so little to go around: a piece of bread, a blanket, medicine…

With just $60, you can support a Sister in her work for an entire month.

They will share your gift with those who have nothing – to make it Christmas again for those who have lost almost all hope.

There are Christian communities where the faithful live in a state of displacement and desertion because of the ongoing armed conflict in their country. 

According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the rapidly deteriorating security situation and the growing number of IDPs continue to increase demand for humanitarian assistance, especially with regard to security services as well as core relief items such as: sleeping mats, blankets and water, sanitation and hygiene items, emergency shelter and access to livelihood opportunities. 

A great need for psychosocial support is prevalent, for the vulnerable in particular, including unaccompanied children and children who have been separated from their parents; the elderly and women are also of great concern. All require urgent care, for many are victims of sexual violence related to war. They cannot wait any longer.  

Total population: 32,309,195

Territory: 799,380 km2

Religion: Christian 54%, Muslim 17.5%, Traditional 28%

Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs): 756,014

Refugees registered in Zimbabwe or South Africa: 8,700