Thousands of Christians have been killed or wounded.

The ongoing Syrian war has forced hundreds of thousands to flee  to foreign lands.

Will you choose to give the gift of new clothes to these children this Christmas?

Our brothers and sisters in Syria need us!

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Making Baby Jesus Smile

In parts of Syria, the average wage is $45 per month.

A  sad and common sight is children rummaging through garbage for food.

This Christmas, 30,000 poor children in Damascus, Aleppo, Homs and other Syrian towns will have the joy of receiving new clothes:

“We want to give them a smile and make them feel like other children in the world.” 

— A Religious Sister in Syria

For only $18, you can gift a new pair of pants and a shirt for a Syrian child!

Since 2011, the situation involving religious minorities has deteriorated substantially in Syria. “Christians to Beirut; Alawites to the grave” emerged early in the war as a slogan of anti-regime fighters.

Entire villages have been cleared out. Dozens of churches and Christian centres, badly damaged or destroyed.

Persecuted by ISIS and other extremists, Christians were offered three options: convert, leave, or die.

Christian women in Syria  suffered rape and sexual violence; but their testimonies are rare, for most women are deeply traumatized and ashamed, too much so to speak out publicly.

Christians have also been tortured and abducted. 

Two bishops and two priests remain missing while the remaining Christian population (now understood to represent only 2% of the Syrian population) are those who are elderly. 

In Kurdish majority areas, like Jazira in the north-east, the number dropped from 150,000 to just 55,000.

Total population: 18,924,442

Territory: 185,180 km2

Religion: Muslim 94% Christian 4%

Number of internally displaced persons (IDPs): 6,701,972

Refugees registered in another country: 6,689,582